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06 April 2008 @ 01:35 pm
story The Morning After  
 ok so here is my first story ever posted umm don't know quite where it came from but anyway its Christus/Illy. Thanks to Crimson Gates for looking at it for me :)
Type your cut contents here.Christus rolled over groping trying to stop the incessant chirping that was penetrating his brain. Finally grasping his phone he threw it across the room. "Fuck" he groned rubbing his temples "why do I do this to myself." Suddenly he felt movement in the bed next to him, he turned to his right side to see who was there with him and gasped  "Illy?" Quickly surveying the room he realized both his and Illy's clothes were strewn about. Illy slowly opened his eyes and smiled briefly at Christus "good morning" he murmured softly "did you sleep well?" Christus nodded his head slowly and then said "at the risk of sounding stupid, did we fuck last night?" Illy looked at him and slowly nodded his head and asked "you don't remember?" Christus grimaced and said "no sorry, I don't." He noted the sadness that passed through Illy's eyes "oh" was all he said though. Christus grapped his hand "Illy, listen I'm not trying to upset you, I just really don't remember anything. Do you remember how we ended up here like this?" Illy looked at him and smiled sadly "It was after the show" he began "we were all sitting around backstage and you came over to me and asked if I enjoyed you kissing me onstage after you sang." Christus sat up more in the bed and tried to remember what else happened the night before. "So after you asked me" Illy continued "I tried to play it off as it was nothing, but you kept pushing so I finally answered that yes I did." Christus nodded "I think I remember that." he said "then what happened?" Illy looked up "you kissed me again, and asked if I wanted to continue it somewhere else." Illy looked away at that point and began to fiddle with the blanket covering them. "I told you that I did but that we couldn't go back to mine, because my brother was visiting, so you said well I guess we'll just have to drive to Tampere then." Christus laughed softly "sounds like me." Illy briefly smiled at that "yes that is you mister spontaneous, anyway we arrived back here at four in the morning and one thing led to another and we ended up having sex, listen Kris I know you love Jack but I need to tell you this I've always had feelings for you that go deeper then friendship." Christus held his hand up "wait a minute, yeah I care about Jack, but love him no, Illy I think I would kill him after an hour if we were anything more then friends." Illy stared at Christus then briefly touched his hand "sorry to assume I just thought." Christus cut him off "no that's ok I think a lot of people assume there is mor between us then there actually is, but this thing of you having deeper feelings for me, do you want to explore it?" Illy quickly looked up "really?" he asked. "Really" Christus nodded and leaned down and sweetly kissed him "I like you too Ilari." Illy cuddled up close to him and grinned "would you like to go out on a date with me Kristian?" Christus laughed the humor gleaming in his eyes "yes I would like that very much." Christus kissed the top of his head and said "but first lets get some more sleep." and he wrapped his arms around him and closed his eye "sweet dreams Illy." Illy rested his head on Christus' chest "you too Kris, I think I love you." he whispered and Christus just smiled.
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Sayasaya_no_yoru on April 6th, 2008 07:02 pm (UTC)
Well, yes, you already know my opinion about it so...you have one reader. No one looked at my signature Christus fic when I posted it.